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spent yesterday evening with my friends roger and joanne, who are getting married tomorrow. we watched will and grace and put wedding programs together. it was good to do "fulfillment"; it had been a while since i'd stuffed envelopes/folded covers/etc. say what you want about web design, you can't hold it in your hand and say i made that.

i've been apprehensive about the wedding, in part because i'm reading at the ceremony, but mostly because, as usual, i'm going alone, and as i get older it gets more conspicuous. so i have to gear up to put on my happy face for six hours plus, and i know afterwards i'll be exhausted. that's all right, though, it's in an excellent cause, and wearing a tux while devouring canapés can't really be considered rough duty. and who knows, maybe the recently divorced ms. right will be there.
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